How to read Manga

What is MANGA?
Manga are, simply put, Japanese comics. They are often adapted into Japanese animation. This type of cartoon is popularly known as anime.

How to read MANGA?
If you’re new to manga, it can be a little confusing figuring out where to start reading. But we're going to show you how to start reading manga. Traditional manga, translated or otherwise, often reads right to left. In some cases the cartoonist/writer, or mangaka as they are known in Japan, will design their manga to read from left to right. This is a rare situation, however.
Read Manga
This image shows the proper order and direction to read manga. Start in the upper-right corner of the upper-right panel and then read from right to left. Repeat this process until you’re done with all of the panels in a section, and then move down to the next section of panels and repeat the right to left process.

What is Manhwa
Manhwa are Korean comics.
How to read Manhwa
Start reading Manhwa from Left to Right direction like you normally do with reading.